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[linux-lvm] RE: EXT3 vs Reiserfs

Hi Chris,

> We run SUSE primarily... therefore we use reiserfs (mostly with LVMs).
> RH is sorta new to the LVM thing... so although we use ext3 on our RH
> systems,
> most of them do not use LVM.  We have over 7TB of data that uses LVM
> reiserfs... we're quite pleased with the performance and capability.
> We love the ability to do resize_reiserfs while the filesystem is
> Constantly amazes the "Unix" purists.

I'm currently testing another file system which supports LVM and online
extension: XFS. I was able to patch kernel and install XFS utilities on
FC1 without any problems. It seems to works fine, but I will make more
tests within the next days.

But, if tests are good I think I will use xfs for all devices that have
LVM & ALC enable on it, and the rest will probably be ext3 (like /, /tmp
& /var).

Thanks for your answer.


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