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Re: [linux-lvm] EXT3 vs Reiserfs

On Mon, 08 Dec 2003 11:19:10 -0600
Chris Cox <chris_cox stercomm com> wrote:

> I have never experienced the data loss element, however, since
> reiser3 does not do true data journaling, but only metadata, it is
> well known fact that while reiser can bring the filesystem
> integrity back to normal after a bad shutdown, some data loss
> is possible.  This is usually true of any metadata only journaling
> filesystem.  Reiser4 supposed fixes this and of course has that
> whiz-bang plugins feature.  Could make reiser4 the best (feature wise).

unorderly shutdowns will, even will full journaling, lead to dataloss of all
data in the buffercache. Filesystem consistency is far more important,
having to resore any filesystem from tape is a pita. Especially ext2 was
very sensitive to unorderly shutdowns.

> I certainly have nothing against JFS or AIX.  I really like its ability
> to dynamically grow without intervention (though that could give
> some administrators a headache).

AIX LVM system (even booting from a LV, though not in the most elegant
fashion thinkable) is quite mature. It is one of AIX typical features I like
the most (unlike smitty... ;-)

Met vriendelijke groeten,

Remco Post

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"I really didn't foresee the Internet. But then, neither did the computer
industry. Not that that tells us very much of course - the computer industry
didn't even foresee that the century was going to end." -- Douglas Adams

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