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[linux-lvm] Re: Device-mapper submission for 2.4

On Wed, Dec 10, 2003 at 03:40:07PM -0800, Mike Fedyk wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 10, 2003 at 05:00:43PM +0000, Paul Jakma wrote:
> > On Wed, 10 Dec 2003 venom sns it wrote:
> > > DM is back compatible with LVM1, tested and runs well.
> > What about the patches posted by Joe last (?) week which remove LVM1 
> > support from 2.6 DM? 

They remove support for the broken version 1 of the device-mapper 
ioctl interface.  This is nothing to do with LVM1.
> If this is what I was reading being discussed a few weeks ago, then the
> support for the LVM1 sysctls/ioctls has/will be removed, so you will have to
> use the DM utilities instead of the old LVM1 utilities.  LVM1 on-disk format
> should still be supported.

2.6 does not support LVM1 ioctls.
LVM2 userspace tools and EVMS both support LVM1 on-disk format using

Here's a reference sheet to help clarify the terminology and explain
what's happening.

LVM1 = Userspace tools + kernel ioctls included in marcelo's 2.4 tree
  - LVM1 kernel ioctls are *not* included in or available for 2.6
  - LVM1 userspace tools do *not* work with 2.6 kernels

dm = Kernel driver (GPL) for new volume managers to use.
  - Included in Linus's 2.6 kernels.
  - Available as a patch for 2.4 kernels from the Sistina website.
  - Knows *nothing* about volume manager's on-disk metadata layouts.
  - Userspace volume managers (e.g. EVMS and LVM2) communicate via a new 
    ioctl interface.
  - This ioctl interface is currently "version 4" and we regard it as
    stable.  [Some enhancements are on the horizon, but nothing that 
    breaks existing code/binaries.]
  - An old development version of this device-mapper ioctl interface known
    as "version 1" has problems with it, is deprecated and should be
    removed from kernel trees ASAP.  
    Always use "version 4" when building new kernels today.

libdevmapper = Userspace shared library (LGPL) which wraps a volume manager 
               application interface around the device-mapper ioctls
  - Can determine transparently whether the kernel device-mapper is using
    "version 4" dm ioctl interface or the deprecated "version 1" interface
    and adapt itself accordingly.  [configure --enable-compat]
  - Can only communicate with device-mapper: it cannot use LVM1 ioctls.
  - Designed primarily for use by LVM2 tools.  [EVMS does not use it]
  - Some parts of the libdevmapper API are not yet stable and are likely 
    to get changed.

dmsetup = Userspace utility (GPL) which provides full command-line access to
          the libdevmapper API.
  - Designed for use by shell scripts and for testing and debugging.
  - Command line interface may be considered stable.  New features may get 
    added, but we'll try not to break existing commands.

LVM2 = New Logical Volume Manager command line tools (GPL) designed to
       be backward-compatible with LVM1 and offering new features and
       more flexibility, configurability and stability.
  - Supports existing LVM1 on-disk metadata.
    This means you do *not* have to make changes to your existing on-disk 
    LVM1 volumes to switch between using LVM1 and LVM2.
  - Uses command lines similar to LVM1.
  - By default uses a new on-disk metadata format supporting more
    features than the original LVM1 version.
  - Communicates with the device-mapper kernel driver via libdevmapper's

Miscellaneous points:
  - LVM1 uses block major number 58: dm selects one or more major numbers
    dynamically as required instead.
  - LVM1 uses character major number 109: dm selects a misc minor number
    dynamically instead.
  - There's a (non-devfs) script for creating /dev/mapper/control at
    startup (or after dm module load).
  - You can use LVM1 tools with unpatched 2.4 kernels.
  - You can use LVM2 tools with patched 2.4 and unpatched 2.6 kernels.
  - Device-mapper support for snapshots and pvmove is so far released 
    only for 2.4.  Patches for 2.6 are being tested.
  - Multipath and mirror support are under development for 2.6.
    (Then get back-ported to 2.4.)

Web download page: http://www.sistina.com/products_lvm_download.htm

The device-mapper tarball contains: 
  device-mapper kernel patches - needed only for 2.4;
  userspace libdevmapper and dmsetup - needed with all dm kernels.
The LVM2 tarball contains the LVM2 command line tools.

Development code can be found via:
  http://people.sistina.com/~thornber/  (for kernel patches)
  http://www.sistina.com/products_CVS.htm  (for userspace code)

Device-mapper mailing list:

agk uk sistina com

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