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Re: [linux-lvm] LVM and devfs

Thank you.  I solved part of my problem by getting the devfs daemon loaded. Now working through the rest of the doc.  I realized after some time that LVM can coexist with devfs and they are not going to bump heads.

Jord Tanner <jord indygecko com> wrote:
I believe your problem is that you need an initrd that includes LVM
stuff. Try the command "lvmcreate_initrd", then ensure that the new
lvm_initrd file is loaded with lilo (I use grub so I can't help you with
lilo). RH uses their own initrd, so you should be able to use the
existing lilo.conf as a guide. If you have an unusual setup you may have
to mount the initrd file, and edit it yourself.

Jord Tanner

On Sun, 2003-12-14 at 03:33, Stuart Felenstein wrote:
> I didn't see a search option in the archives and I apologize if this
> is more appropriate to the devfs list. I installed RedHat9 , and
> partitioned with DiskDruid using LVM. The only partition that is not
> LVM is /boot.
> However I have now compiled kernel 2.4.23 with LVM and devfs and
> running into a problem with kernel panics. I'm not sure if having LVM
> is causing the issue. Even though I've tried many different append
> roots, looking at the working kernel in lilo.conf I see root =
> /dev/Volume00/LogVol01. So I'm' wondering how I translate that to
> /dev/ide/host0..... .
> Here is my current /etc/fstab:
> /dev/Volume00/LogVol01 / ext3
> LABEL =/boot /boot ext3
> /dev/Volume00/LogVol02 /cache ext3
> /dev/Volume00/LogVol03 /myth ext3
> none /proc proc
> none /dev/shm tmpfs
> /dev/Volume00/LogVol00 /swap swap
> /dev/cdrom
> Greatly appreciate some help, pointers and / or links.
> Thank you,
> Stuart
Jord Tanner

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