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Re: [linux-lvm] Reclaim free space

On Thu, Dec 18, 2003 at 01:31:13PM -0800, Ian Burrell wrote:
> How do I reclaim the free space when a logical volume is reduced?  I am 
> using a volume group on one physical volume and three logical volumes.
> I wanted to split off /usr/local and give it some space from reducing 
> another volume.  I shrank the existing logical volume with "ext2fsadm". 

Hi Ian,

did e2fsadm display some error ?
That would explain that you didn't get more free space in the VG,
because the LV won't be reduced in that case.

I guess with 'allocated space' you mean the sum of the filesystem space.
Check with "tune2fs -l ..." what the actual filesystem sizes are
and how that fits the LV sizses (vgdisplay -v / lvdisplay -v /dev/VG/LV).

>   After, the volume group had the same amount of free space as before. 
> I went ahead and created the new LV in that free space but would like to 
> make it bigger.  Now "vgdisplay" shows the volume group as being 
> completely full.  Except the allocated space for the logical volumes are 
> less than the total space.
>   - Ian
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