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[linux-lvm] Ext3 -> ReiserFS on '/' convertion prob

Hi all,

This is my first post to the list so forgive me please if I am making any mistakes of protocol! :)

I am relatively new to LVM but I have read most of the docs that I could find on the topic and I am pretty strong on RAID and general storage tech. With that said, here is my problem/scenario:

I have a small test server that I am trying to use to learn how to configure the '/' filesystem of a Fedora Core 1 install of linux to reside on a software RAID5 array with an LVM VG on top of it and the bulk of that partition on a single LV mounted as '/'. This so far is just fine. Oh, fwiw, the four drives are SCSI on an Adaptec 2940x PCI controller (three in use now, a forth to be used as a temp drive during FS convertion and later added to the array) with another IDE drive used for '/boot' and <swap>.

Now what I am trying to do immidiately is to convert the '/' filesystem from 'ext3' to 'resierfs'. ReiserFS is not an install-time option and the LVM FAQ says simple to boot from a rescue CD, back the '/' LV data up, re-format the LV with a ReiserFS and then restore the data. Sounds easy enough, eh? Anyway, I have been able to do all of this and I am even pretty sure that the data is intact because when I boot the Fedora Core 1 Disk 1 using 'linux rescue' it scans for the install and finds it on both '/dev/sdd1' (the drive I am using temporarily to backup the '/' LV data to) and on '/dev/vg0/root' (the LV that started life as an ext3 filesystem during the OS install).

The problem is that when I boot into the OS proper something somewhere is still telling something to do with LVM that the file system is still ext3 and thus it throws a kernel panic. I have edited '/etc/fstab', '/etc/mtab' and '/etc/blkid.tab' to read 'reiserfs' instead of the original 'ext3'. Am I missing a file somewhere? Is there a command I need to run to tell '/etc/lvmtab' or '/etc/lvmtab.d/root' that the filesystem has changed? Am I missing something all together different?

Anywho, as a little heads up and maybe a little request for comment; once I manage to get the '/' LV on ReiserFS the next thing I want to do is add a forth drive (the '/dev/sdd' drive) to the RAID5 array, extend it via 'raidreconf', add the new space to the PV, pass that space up to the VG and finally extend the 'root' LV and update the filesystem while online (hence the desire for ReiserFS). Am I on the right track? Does anyone who has done this before have any pointers?

Thanks all for listening to a n00by!!


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