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[linux-lvm] 2.4 LVM1 devfs -> 2.6.0 LVM2 udev


As the 2.6.0 is out, it's time for me to see if I can switch to it.
What is the procedure and the things to know to switch from a 2.4 LVM1
devfs to a 2.6 LVM2 udev ?  I'm using a debian/unstable.  I've seen that
there was a package lvm2 (2.00.08-3) but the comment contains at the end
"requires Linux kernel 2.4.". Does this mean that this package really
cannot handle 2.6 kernels ?

I've also seen that devfs has been obsoleted by udev. However, I didn't
find a udev package for sid nor a kernel option for it (but I've read
that it is only in userspace).  The udev FAQ
(http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/utils/kernel/hotplug/udev-FAQ) does not
mention if I need to install hotplug to have udev working.

Do I have to change something in /etc/lvmtab.d and /etc/lvmconf ?

It seems that a thing called "device-mapper" is needed, but I couldn't
find it in the kernel. Is it CONFIG_DM_IOCTL_V4 ? The "DM" substring
makes me think it's that but the comment in "make menuconfig" doesn't
say that it's for LVM nor that it's a device mapper.

Thanks !

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