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Re: [linux-lvm] Ext3 -> ReiserFS on '/' convertion prob

I will investigate that further... May I make one more comment that may help me solve this? Quick note, since the last post I wiped the test server and re-installed, just in case I had foobar'ed something along the way.

I have made a backup of '/' (from '/dev/vg0/root') to the backup drive (/dev/sdd1) and edited '/etc/fstab', '/etc/mtab' and deleted '/etc/blkid.tab' (which, if I understand is just a cache). I did this on both the '/' (/dev/vg0/root and /dev/sdd1) while under the Linux Rescue disk (Fedora Core 1 install in 'linux rescue') and finally I updated '/boot/grub/grub.conf' on both partitions as well to contain entries pointing '/' to '/dev/sdd1'. When I reboot (before converting the LVM LV to ReiserFS) and choose to boot into '/dev/sdd1' as root it -seems- to work. When I type:

# df

It shows '/' to be '/dev/sdd'. Now to verify this I did:

# cd /
# touch test.txt
# mkdir vg0
# mount /dev/vg0/root /vg0

I then checked to see if the 'test.txt' file was there, and it was. How the heck can the original settings for '/dev/vg0/root' be -SO- persistent that even 'df' thinks that the wrong partition is mounted?!? Where are these settings stored?

Side note: When I boot again off the rescue disk and run the same test (with '/dev/sdd1' mounted as '/') then it is fine, there '/' really is '/dev/sdd1'...)

Anyway, I am off to try converting again now that I know to try passing "init=reiserfs" in grub (will it work though?... Off to see!)

Thank you for being so helpful and patient while I pound my head through this!


Chris Cox wrote:
Madison Kelly wrote:

I am so sorry for asking but how would I check?

I'm a SUSE user myself. It's mkinitrd script makes it pretty easy to add modules to your initrd. I'd check that lvm_mkinitrd script of yours... you may have to tweak it. In fact, SUSE's script detects (tries anyway) if your root filesystem is LVM's and automatically adds in the lvm_mod if it wasn't specified.

There's probably a way to find out easily if
it's there already.. just not sure off the top of my head.

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