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[linux-lvm] LVM2 on Gentoo-Dual Opteron/Amd64 system troubles...

Hi to all,

I'm trying to use LVM on my new dual Opteron with 64-bit Gentoo and have
some troubles.
My system is :

- dual Opteron 240 on TYAN Thunder S2885
-2 Gb RAM
-ATA RAID Controller 3Ware Escalade 7506-12 (12 IDE ports, hardware XOR,
supports multiple RAD fields and separate discs, does RAID 0/1/10/5)
- 4 x 180 Gb discs
- 6 x 200 Gb discs

4 CDRW units
gentoo kernel 2.6 with usual gentoo patches. Kernel has devfs, pts etc compiled-in

Driver for 3ware is also compiled in kernel (not as a module) as are all main scsi modules...

All CDRW units are connected to MB's primary and secondary channel.

All discs are on 3Ware card.

Five 200 GB units are in RAID5 array and four 180 Gb units and one 200 GB are

Machine sees 3Ware card as a SCSI controller with one big SCSI 800 Gb disc
and five smaller discs.

I have partitioned array in three partitions:
-small ext2 /boot partition (512 Mb or so)
-4 Gb swap partition
-the rest (cca 790 GB) is type 8E partition for LVM to be mounted as /

I have emerged LVM2 tools, made volume group etc and formatted it under

I can activate it and mount it, but after reboot kernel doesn't see it
Manual recommends using special script called lvmcreate_initdr to do initrd initialisations, but my lvm2 doesn't have that script. After many trials and errors  i have made initrd which succeeds with LVM initialisation, but machine reboots just at the point when it should drop initrd environment and jump into root  on LV.
In the initrd environment machine recognises VG and its LV just fine. I can mount it and check it, but right after returning from linuxrc script machine spews something like:
3w-xxxx driver: shutting off card (0)
3w-xxxx: reboot  (not sure about that one, it is shown just for a short moment)
Otherwise, I can boot just fine from any other physical partition on one of other discs on the 3Ware card
Lvm gets initialised (vgscan, vgchange -a y etc) and LV is available just fine, but that's not what I want.
I guess I'm asking if:
-anyone else has similar machine with 3Ware RAID card and root on LV and how did he accomplish this ?
-how does one make initrd with LVM ? I had to scavenge script from LVM1, without much success...

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