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[linux-lvm] booting a dm+lvm2 kernel

Hello all.

I've been scratching my head on this for a few days now.  I decided to to
migrate to kernel 2.6 but first I need to migrate from lvm1 to dm+lvm2
(from what I understand).  So I've allready patched a vanilla 2.4.22 kernel
with the device-mapper patch and with lvm2 support build into the kernel
and it compiled just fine. However since I'm running my root filesystem on
lvm I'm stuck on how to booth the sob.  I tried to add the a new kernel to
my lilo.conf using root=/dev/root/1 but all I get is kernel panic.  From
what I've read I nead to create an initrd image but thats where the docs
and previous posts get a little fuzzy.  So what are the next few steps for
me ?  Could someone shed some light on this because I've been googling for
a while now and I seem to be utterly stuck in the mud here :(



Kjartan Reynir Hauksson
Sími: 569-6027/863-5912
e-mail: krh os is


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