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Re: [linux-lvm] Totally confused

On Wed, 31 Dec 2003, Stuart Felenstein wrote:

> I thought I understood LVM and set it up correctly on
> my /dev/hda3.  Somethings is wrong though.  Here is
> the output from lvdisplay:
> LV Name              /dev/Volume00/videos
> VG Name              Volume00
> LV Write Access      read/write
> LV Status            available
> LV#                  1
> #open                1
> LV Size              68.67 GB
> Current LE           17579
> Allocated LE         17579
> Allocation           next free
> Read ahead sectors   1024
> Block device         58:0 
> After the LV was created I did
> mkfs ext3 -m 0 -T largefile /dev/Volume00/videos
> Oddities (to me), I try to cd /dev/Volume00/videos - I
> get a no directory.  cd to /dev/Volume00 is
> acccessible and can be written to.  
> I assumed that i was going to have a videos partition
> with 68.67 GB available.  It looks like I have about
> 10 megs or something like that as 5 minutes of mpgeg
> gave me a "device out of space".
> This is lvm 1.08 , straight from kernel 2.4.23
> builtin.
> Am I just not doing something correct here?
> Thanks
> Stuart

The problem is that /dev/Volume00/videos is not the directory, but the 
device that you mount onto a directory.  Try this instead:

mke2fs -j -T largefile -m 0 /dev/Volume000/videos
mkdir /videos
mount -t ext3 /dev/Volume00/videos /videos

This mounts the /dev/Volume00/videos lv onto the location /videos.  You 
can mount it anywhere you like, of course.

Now you can write your files under /videos.


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