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Re: [linux-lvm] Snapshot resizing bug (LVM1)

"Heinz J . Mauelshagen" wrote:
> Dale,
> thanks for finding this bug.

yeah, thanks from me too, i plan to TEST it.

> Obviously people don't resize populated snapshots very often or we'ld
> seen this one much earlier ;)

thats not true. I tried to resize polulated snapshots quite often, like
several times a day, but i gave up on that because it didnt work. Being
production machines they need to be stable.
So, why didnt i report the bug well... i didnt feel i had the time to
play arround with our production machines, and i have nowhere to test
it, so i just stopped doing snapshots. But i did email this mailing list
and described the usage and the errors i got. Not a patch no, but i feel
it was reported arround the end of october where i ran into it. Possibly
someone else did it before me.
See these links for more info:

Okay, maybe i wasnt clear on reporting that problems continued after
downgrading, sorry about that.

Not trying to sound negative and all it's great that this bug is gone,
but i feel that the effects of this bug was seen before. Maybe what is
needed is a better way to see what is bugs and what is


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