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Re: [linux-lvm] LVM 1.0.1 to LVM2 upgrade path

On Fri, Feb 07, 2003 at 06:45:01PM -0500, Dossy wrote:
> On 2003.02.07, Heinz J . Mauelshagen <mauelshagen sistina com> wrote:
> > 
> > If this is production, you want to upgrade to LVM 1.0.6 because LVM2
> > is in beta still. [...]  The only major feature missing in LVM2 is
> > 'pvmove' which we are working on right now.
> Thanks.  This is exactly the kind of detail I was looking for.  
> > It supports the LVM1 metadata (IOW: you can install it and use your
> > volume groups created with LVM1). 
> So, in order to upgrade to LVM2 there's no data conversion necessary, if
> I understand you correctly.  That's very good news.

No, you can stick with the LVM1 metadata w/o ayn conversion.
If you want to use the enhanced LVM2 metadata format you need to convert
thought (see vgconvert).  The LVM2 metadata format will give you
atomic metadata updates for better system resilience.

> > You should give LVM2 a try on some test system please.
> I might play around with it on my laptop (which runs Linux under VMware)
> -- this way, if anything goes wrong, I just lose a virtual disk and not
> real data.  :-)

Yep, that's a way.

> (VMware is great for "experimenting" with filesystem code.  I haven't
> actually experimented with LVM under VMware yet, though.  It'll be
> interesting ...)
> Thanks for your time, Heinz.  I appreciate it.
> -- Dossy
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