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Re: [linux-lvm] Severe problem: data lost while adding a partition

-- Sander Alberink <alberink stamppot demon nl>

Heinz, all,

I really appreciate your help in this. However, I am rather reluctant to
dive in and be hasty in my commands. I really don't want to destroy my
data.... As I understand it, pvcreate -ff would re-initialize the
physical volume. As I understand it, I will have to add them to a volume
group again. But will the filesystem still be intact after that then?

Sorry if this sound like a beginner question to you. It very well might
be, but I'd rather be careful....

Thing to understand is that LVM commands update a small header on the phyiscal volume. You can munge the LVM portion without touching your data at all. In this case the data has no way of knowing that anything happend to the LVM portion of life: they live in entirely different parts of the disk drive.

-- Steven Lembark 2930 W. Palmer Workhorse Computing Chicago, IL 60647 +1 773 252 1080

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