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[linux-lvm] Sharing Logical Volumes via NFS on Redhat 8.0


Regarding Sharing LVM LV's via NFS on Redhat 8.0...ie. mounting an LV from another machine while already having a LV on the same machine. Is it ok or not ok? I was talking to a buddy and he doesn't think it's a problem or an issue but...

the current documentation on Sistina's site states that sharing LV's is dangerous unless it's a SCSI or Fibre Storage Device?...and not only that ...adminisitration can only be done on one node? (is it really possible to create/resize lv's from one node/machine to another (that has an LV or was it meant to mean that it's only possible on cluster aware network storage devices)??? ....

under "Dangerous Operations - Sharing Logical LVM Volumes"


If you need to do any changes to the LVM metadata (regardless of >whether it affects volumes mounted on other nodes) you must go through >the following sequence. In the steps below ``admin node'' is any >arbirarily chosen node in the cluster. Admin node >Other nodes
---------- -----------
Close all Logical volumes (umount)
vgchange -an
<make changes, eg lvextend>
vgchange -ay

I'm thinking that it might not be a good idea to try to do maintenance on a LV that is mounted on another system...but i think it makes a whole heck of alot of sense to create/resize/mount an LV on a system before trying to mount it via an NFS share. :)

Any comments? I personally don't think it would be an issue either (to mount an LV on another box/system via an NFS mount) but i'd rather not take the chance of messing up any of the data on those LV's cuz their stuffed :)

Oh one other thing...if it has been proven that a Redhat 8.0 2.4-24?.x kernel can be patched to LVM 1.0.6+ ....will the data on those LV's be affected in any way or will it all be ok? :)

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