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Re: [linux-lvm] Sharing Logical Volumes via NFS on Redhat 8.0

On Tue, Feb 18, 2003 at 03:04:48AM +0000, DJ TweeQ wrote:

Regarding Sharing LVM LV's via NFS on Redhat 8.0...ie. mounting an LV from another machine while already having a LV on the same machine. Is it ok or not ok? I was talking to a buddy and he doesn't think it's a problem or an issue but...

you are making a lot of confusion. with nfs/samba you share a filesystem regardless of where it is located. (i consider 'share' to be a horrible term for exporting/mounting a remote filesystem)

yes you can do that.

the current documentation on Sistina's site states that sharing LV's is dangerous unless it's a SCSI or Fibre Storage Device?...and not only that ...adminisitration can only be done on one node? (is it really possible to create/resize lv's from one node/machine to another (that has an LV or was it meant to mean that it's only possible on cluster aware network storage devices)??? ....

that part does not refer to nfs/samba it says that if you want to connect two different computers to the same hard disk .....


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