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Re: [linux-lvm] encryption in LVM2

Jose Luis Domingo Lopez wrote:
> On Monday, 17 February 2003, at 16:34:45 +0100,
> Jon Bendtsen wrote:
> > I only have experience with LVM1, but naturaly i've heard about LVM2,
> > and the device mapper.
> > Has anyone built in encryption into the device mapper ?
> > Is anyone working on it ?
> >
> I don't know of anyone working on block-based encryption for LVM2/DM,
> but by now you can try one of the several filesystem-level encryption
> solutions out there. I have personally used loop-aes, it is simple to
> set up and works ok on my boxes.

been there, done that. The problem is that then i cant use the snapshot
facility while the stuff is mounted, and i cant resize it while it is
mounted. I'd like that feature. Okay, i could just encrypt the
below LVM, but that is troubled too, as i might not want to encrypt all
my LV's, and either i might have to start severel loopback devices.
And as for loop-aes... no thanks, i cant even change my password.

> Hope it helps.

not really.


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