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Re: [linux-lvm] encryption in LVM2

Goetz Bock wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 17 '03 at 21:34, Jose Luis Domingo Lopez wrote:
> > I don't know of anyone working on block-based encryption for LVM2/DM,
> > but by now you can try one of the several filesystem-level encryption
> > solutions out there. I have personally used loop-aes
> hint: loop-aes is a block-based encryptor. It just happens to operate on
> blocks in files, due to the limitations of loop device driver.
> writing a personality for lvm2 to do blocklevel encryption would be nice

thats what i figured, and i have this linux kernel course at my
so why not actually write something usefull, and since LVM2 is done, and
encryption is done, how hard can it be combining the 2 ;-D

> OTOH a group aware filesystem level encryption would be realy cool.

reiserfs4 ? i heard some rumors about encryption, i dont know about
group awareness, but thats the advantage you get with a blocklevel
encryption, you can put any FS ontop.


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