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[linux-lvm] Re: LVM 1.0.3 to LVM 1.0.6 upgrade path on a Redhat 8.0 Production System

Thanks for posting my email addy sibby ;) lol

a) Is this is the LVM mailing list? :)

Yes, but you are using a version of LVM that was packaged by Redhat.

"but"? :)

b) I don't have money to pay Redhat to tell me they have no idea or that
they only support the version included (1.0.3) the latter being the most
likely response. :)

If you are desperately needing help, try and ask them.

If i had any money i suppose i might, but i am flat broke and i don't even know what i'm going to eat tonight.

c) I'm asking you ;) lol

Use a stock kernel so the patch from sistina applies cleanly.
Or go and use SuSE, version 8.1 ships lvm 1.0.5 (I admit I do not
know what the LV size limit is there).

I would prefer not to re-install and reconfigure my entire setup on both of my systems and use SuSE just to upgrade 1.0.3 to 1.0.6 just because it's "packaged" by redhat? And i have no familiarity with SuSE. And would that be effected by or effect the EXT3 FS? (Is Redhat's package of that different too?). Hmmmm It says sistina when i do a pvcreate and lvm works great it's just that i have to extend it's capacity. :) I also noticed someone helping someone do a Redhat 7.x lvm upgrade on this list (and the instructions/upgrade path was alot more extensive than what the normal lvm installation/upgrade path is currently) so i thought i might ask in case there are any major differences (thinking that most likely there are as there have been many changes to the Redhat distribution already).

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