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Re: [linux-lvm] Re: LVM 1.0.3 to LVM 1.0.6 upgrade path on a Redhat 8.0 Production System

> If i had any money i suppose i might, but i am flat broke and i 
> don't even know what i'm going to eat tonight.

Your subject line says that it is a "Production System", yet there
is no money around.

You aren't going to get magic-silver-bullet hand-holding support for

If your production system is for a business (or goverment or military)
then there should be money to pay for support.

If it is not business then, generally, in all other scenarios that I
can think of (home, education, religion, charity etc.), there's no
money to speak of, but there are people around that have the time and
inclination (for whatever reason) to put in the extra hours to do
things by themselves.

I would suggest that you are going to have to take some of your own
time to play around with things and get yourself some more knowledge
and experience on the various things involved.

The suggestion of going with a stock kernel is probably a good idea.

So you might be asking: Am I going to get problems by going away from
the distro kernel?

You might want to ask yourself: Am I dependent on any
RedHat-specific modifications to the kernel?

You could always try a stock kernel with the LVM version you want.

If there is a problem, it is unlikely to mash up your filesystems.

More likely it will just temporarily stop your sound card or whatever
working, or you end up with a system which won't boot by itself. If
you only have one PC knocking around then you would want to get yourself
a floppy boot arrangement or some such -- test it!!! --- then you can
play around with different kernels to your heart's content.


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