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Re: [linux-lvm] Sharing LVM's via NFS on Redhat 8.0


> Regarding Sharing LVM LV's via NFS on Redhat 8.0...ie. mounting an LV from
> another machine while already having a LV on the same machine. Is it ok or
> not ok? I was talking to a buddy and he doesn't think it's a problem or an
> issue but...
> the current documentation on Sistina's site states that sharing LV's is 
> dangerous unless it's a SCSI or Fibre Storage Device?...and not only that 
> ...adminisitration can only be done on one node? (is it really possible to
> create/resize lv's from one node/machine to another (that has an LV or was
> it meant to mean that it's only possible on cluster aware network storage 
> devices)??? ....

One question: did you read the various messages following your first

Please understand the differende between a LVM volume and a (exported or
local) filesystem.

How do you want to share a LV which is not on a scsi or fc device? Never
heard about shared ide...;-))) Do you want to share a device or the data on the

CU Lars.

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