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[linux-lvm] pv_move failed

I just got my new 240GB disk and want to move my VG to it.
Unfortunately I get an unexpected error:

lv: /dev/backup/mirror[2]  old_dev: 22:00  new_dev: 03:02
old_pe_sector: 117703032  new_pe_sector: 357564792
pvmove -- opening output physical volume "/dev/hda2"
pvmove -- llseeking input physical volume "/dev/hdc"
pvmove -- llseeking output physical volume "/dev/hda2"
pvmove -- /dev/hdc [PE 897 [mirror [LE 2727]] -> /dev/hda2 [PE 2727] [1/247]
pvmove -- locking physical extent 897 of "/dev/hdc" in kernel
pvmove -- about to read input physical volume "/dev/hdc" and to write
output physical volume "/dev/hda2"
pvmove -- ERROR writing output physical volume "/dev/hda2" (still
12648448 bytes to write)
pvmove -- ERROR "pv_move_pe(): writing output PE" moving physical extents

this time I can not identify any reason an no messages on syslog.
Any idea? What informations should I dump/post in addition?

I'm using SuSE8.1 with kernel 2.4.20, the LVM-version is 1.0.5.

... and, sorry for my ill formed subject line from last week.

Dieter Stüken, con terra GmbH, Münster
    stueken conterra de

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