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Re: [linux-lvm] disk naming

-- Matt Schillinger <mschilli vss fsi com>

this should be a simple question, but I can't find a direct discussion in the lvm documentation. I believe that i have found that LVM will find appropriate PV's regardless of their name (sda,sdb).. Is this true? Do i need devfs to ensure that i always have the same disk naming, or will LVM handle this for me? I am currently using scsidev for naming purposes, but have found that vgcreate will not work with scsidev device names (/dev/scsi/sdh0-0c0i4l2p1) /dev/scsi/sd(host=0,scsiid=4,LUN=2,partition #=1)

sd[abcd] notation is based on the order which the kernel finds devices on the bus. Adding a SCSI card or removing disks will change the naming.

devfs allows using /dev/scsi/.../busX/.../targetY/.../partZ,
which will not change unless you shuffle the scsi cards :-)

I use it mainly because I prefer to know what I'm pointing
at -- memorizing the device letter conventions can be an
exercise in futility.

You can quickly convert from one naming convention to
the other if your root volume isn't on LVM: boot single
user, export the VG's and import them using the devfs
naming convention.


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