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Re: [linux-lvm] disk naming

-- Matt Schillinger <mschilli vss fsi com>


I was wondering if you could explain a little bit of how lvm finds a
device that no longer corresponds to the same 'dev/sd*' name. does it
use some kind of device id or serial number? I just want to be doubly
sure, as Steven Lembark claimed that it WOULDN't work..

LVM is going to look for, say, /dev/sda1. If the device at that location in your disk chain is not a PV then you will have problems. The "sda1" string say to access the first scsi drive that was put on line. Depending on controller issues you may get into situations where the SCSI initiators come on line in a random order and you have no way of knowing what "sda1" really means. The fix there is to install one of them as a module and only bring on line the controller with your boot drive on it at first.

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