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Re: [linux-lvm] cannot extend lv

My idea was not to make a 4 stripe set with 4 PV, but a 2 stripe set:

stripe1: aaaaaaaaabbbbbb
stripe2: cccccccccdddddd

so if PV a and c are full, PV b and d are used.

I would create a new lv as you suggested, but drives a and c are two times bigger than b and d, so I thought about the above solution.


I have a vg (data) with four drives /dev/sd[b-e]1
I created a 2 stripes lv (data1) with sd[bc]1

You cannot extend striped lvs onto new pvs. Even on the
same physical hardware.  Once you have striped it, you are
tied to the pvs used.

If you think about it, this makes sense, as otherwise you
have some stripes containing more data than others.  In fact,
as soon as the smallest pv is full, you will not be able to
extend the lv, even if there is room in the other pvs.

If you want to have the filesystem striped over all the disks, you
will need to create a new lv which is striped across them all,
transfer the data to it, delete the old lv and then extend the
new one.

Backups highly recommended.


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