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Re: [linux-lvm] cannot extend lv

On Sun, Jan 19, 2003 at 10:16:04AM +0000,
Rainer Lay informatik uni-erlangen de wrote:
> My idea was not to make a 4 stripe set with 4 PV, but a 2 stripe set:
> stripe1: aaaaaaaaabbbbbb
> stripe2: cccccccccdddddd
> so if PV a and c are full, PV b and d are used.

Striping doesn't work that way.  It stripes across all pvs EVENLY
to improve access speeds (the whole reason to stripe).  The only
way to do what you want would have been to use kernel RAID to combine
the physical devices into a single logical device before creating the
stripe set.

> I would create a new lv as you suggested, but drives a and c are two 
> times bigger than b and d, so I thought about the above solution.

I understand, I went through the same exercise two months ago.  I
borrowed a disk from a friend, moved all of the data to it, and rebuilt
my whole VG setup.  It was a major pain in the neck.

Think Locally, Act Globally:  
"It's cold in here ... I'd better release a few million tons of CFCs!"

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