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Re: [linux-lvm] disaster recovery

Rene Gallati wrote:
I'm wondering if I have all the tools required to attemp to recover the remaining data from the good drive?

Having recieved no answer I just stepped ahead and tried it in another system I set up only for the recovery process. First I tried to patch a stock SuSE 8.1 kernel (2.4.19-4GB) which failed as expected. Then I went and fetched a vanilla 2.4.20 from my local kernel.org mirror - and that failed miserably too !

Looked into device-mapper's directory structure and decieded to fetch a 2.4.19 vanilla which finally succeeded. You really might want to add that information to device-mapper's README or INSTALL - especially since people who have hosed LV's are probably going to use LVM2 the most.

So out of the 4LVs that were in the VG, I could get out the data from two smaller ones that were completely within the first still good disk. However the other two I couldn't mount. One I did expect but the other not. One out of those two LVs was spanning the disks, and the latter disk is now gone for good. Anyone knows a nice trick to get reiserfs allowing me to mount that LV anyway and get out what's left ?

Or am I completely lost there?

Thanks for all answers in advance.



btw. recovering from hd failure is really cool when they turn off your net connectivity because of some MS-SQL worm... :-/

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