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RE: re[3]: [linux-lvm] resize LV

RedHat 8.0 manuals says the filesystem needs to be unmounted to resize a LM.
I installed 'lvmgui' (search on freshmeat) and it extends a ext3 LM without unmounting it (at least I found no references to 'umount' in the its Java souce code.


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 >>  awesome links, thanks.

 >>  any word on if the 2.6 kernel will also add support for resizing ext3
 >>  mounted filesystems? all it talks about on the site is ext2. but ext3 is
 >>  just ext2 with a journal, right? so it should work for ext3 as well,
 >>  right?

 >>  alex

I'm not 100% sure, but I believe the 2.4.x patches support both and the 2.5.x kernel status page says "ext2/ext3 online resize support".

Greg Freemyer

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