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Re: [linux-lvm] resize an ext3 on an LV

On Wed, 2003-01-29 09:32:33 -0600, Alexander Lazarevich <alazarev itg uiuc edu>
wrote in message <Pine LNX 4 44 0301290929500 25534-100000 zeus itg uiuc edu>:
> The LV is already expanded. All I want to do is resize the ext3 filesystem 
> to the new size of the LV, which is now 275GB.
> But I need to know the commands. Or some hint of what the command is. Is 
> it just "resize2fs /dev/homevg/userslv"? I've seen some posts saying that 

That's what I used several times. That's on a file server doing
kernel.org/debian.org/... rsync mirrors. Those where added one by one,
each time linked with at least one (for debian.org, this reads 4)
extending sessions...

> using resize2fs will destroy an ext3 filesystem, is that not true? Will 
> the journal stay intact? What's the command that you use?

For me (LVM1 metadata on 2.2.19-rcX patched to run with lvm2 userland +
device-mapper), resize2fs just "worked" with ext3. However, LVM version
should be irrelevant (sp?) wrt. to a (non)functional resize2fs. For me,
it did it's job.


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