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Re: [linux-lvm] pvmove error

El lun, 14-07-2003 a las 15:23, Stephen Fralich escribió:
I'm running RedHat 9.  pvmove works fine with the LVM and kernel that come with RH9.  I would like to use XFS in place of ext3 though, which means patching the kernel.  I'm using the vanilla kernel 2.4.21 and lvm 1.0.7 (tools and driver).  Everything goes fine until I use pvmove.  I haven't patched the kernel for XFS yet, so the LVM patch is the only change to the kernel.   I'm using an IBM ServeRAID-4H card with the ips driver v6.00.31.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.

pvmove -- ERROR "Inappropriate ioctl for device" copying extent from "/dev/sdb"

pvmove -- ERROR "Inappropriate ioctl for device" moving physical extents

This appears on the console as well :: 
lvm -- lvm_chr_ioctl: unknown command 0x4004fe51

The pvmove you are using is the redhat patched. The redhat pvmove use a ioctl call to move physical extends, ioctl(group, PE_LOCKED_COPY, &pe_copy_req);. You could patch the kernel to implement that call or install an unpatched pvmove.

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