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Re: [linux-lvm] pvmove error

El mié, 16-07-2003 a las 11:52, Stephen Fralich escribió:
I'm not using the redhat pvmove (v1.0.3).  I'm using pvmove 1.0.7 which I downloaded from the Sistina site.  I updated the rc scripts to use 1.0.7.  The volume was created totally under 1.0.7.  I'm using a plain kernel (from kernel.org) 2.4.21 patched with LVM 1.0.7 (from Sistina).
But may be you are using the redhat liblvm

[root sauron root]# /sbin/pvmove --version
pvmove: Logical Volume Manager 1.0.3
Heinz Mauelshagen, Sistina Software  19/02/2002 (IOP 10)
[root sauron root]# pvmove --version
pvmove: Logical Volume Manager 1.0.7

Where is the second pvmove? Please try,
ldd /sbin/pvmove
ldd pvmove
LD_PRELOAD=<unpatchedlvmliblocation> pvmove ...

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