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[linux-lvm] LVM1 problem, exported volumegroup with one dead drive (fwd)


I think I have tried all solutions google could give me without any luck
restoring any data.

The problem is the following:

1. I had to reinstall a server to where this volumegroup belonged
2. I umounted all LVs. And deactivated the VG. And then I did a vgexport
of the VG
3. After the reinstall of the linux server it was time to import the VG
that had 2 harddrives. I ran a pvscan and it only detected one drive! I
started some investigation and i noticed the second drive was totaly dead!

And of course since this was a server at my home I didnt have any backups
of this VG. And since one drive is missing it's impossible to import the
part of the VG I have left. I know that most of all PEs for my /home
are on the drive that is still working.

Now I wonder how on earth can I restore any of the data that is still on
my working drive? I had 4 years of mail and some source code I would die
for to get back. Since I only have metadata from the only drive working I
think I have a little problem ;)
All I want is to get as much of the data out from datavg/homelv.

I attached a log file with the output from pvscan and pvdata.

Stefan Wold

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