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Re: [linux-lvm] RAID Failure Problems

On Wed, May 28, 2003 at 01:28:50PM -0500, Matt Schillinger wrote:
> I recently had a RAID disk failure, which, due to a firmware bug, a
> second drive went down.. Anyway, the data is being rebuilt (via RAID
> Controller) now. It is online, but when i do a vgscan, i now only see 2
> of the 4 volumes that were setup.  I am using reiserfs on all
> filesystems affected.
> Anyway, for lvm, i have simply used: 'pvcreate /dev/sda' (for the
> /dev/sda). In other words, I didn't fdisk and set to Linux LVM. From
> what I've seen, this so far has caused no problems.  Anyway, now, when i
> do a vgscan, i only see 2 of the volumes.  When I do a pvdata /dev/sda
> (one of the PVs not showing up), i get what looks like corrupted
> naming..

This is a bit confusing. Did you pvcreate /dev/sda which was under
construction by the RAID controller. If so that would have been a mistake,
because the rebuild should have been completely transparent to LVM.
You pvdata output pelow convinces me, that you didn't run pvcreate though.

Because you mention a RAID controller firmware bug: are you sure that this
bug didn't toast your data silently before ?

If you rebuild ended successfully, you might want to vgcfgrestore(8) your
LVM metadata to all PVs (you need to run "pvcreate -ff ..." on all of them).
Check with "vgcfgrestore -ll ..." if the metadata backups are valid before
you go for the real restore.

"vgscan;vgchange -ay" will activated your VG and you need to check the
filesystem integrity then (because of the assumed firmware data toaster ;)

Heinz    -- The LVM Guy --

> --------------------------------
> [root thor root]# pvdata /dev/sda
> --- Physical volume ---
> PV Name               /dev/sda
> VG Name               ???
> PV Size               93.13 GB [195312500 secs] / NOT usable 2.49 GB
> [LVM: 16.15 MB]
> PV#                   48979801
> PV Status             NOT available
> Allocatable           yes (but full)
> Cur LV                1
> PE Size (KByte)       4096
> Total PE              23840
> Free PE               0
> Allocated PE          23840
> PV UUID               ?
> --- List of logical volumes ---
> Segmentation fault
> [root thor root]#
> Is there a way I can fix this?
> Thanks for all your help,
> -- 
> Matt Schillinger
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