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[linux-lvm] ext3 slash


I have installed a machine with a /boot in a normal partition and all
other partitions including / on ext3 logical volumes.
(Red Hat 9/lvm 1.0.3).

I want to snapshot dump these partitions but I didn't realise at the
time of the install that I would have to patch the kernel to be able to
do this with ext3 filing systems.
I don't want to have to do this so I migrated the partitions to ext2
using tune2fs and changed fstab.

In the case of / and /var I booted into rescue mode from cd to run
tune2fs against those volumes read-only.

When I rebooted the machine I got a panic because there was no journal
found on /. Rebooting into rescue mode and restoring the journal on
slash cures this problem.

How can I change the slash volume from ext3 to ext2? As I mentioned I
edited fstab so there must be some other record somewhere telling the
kernel that slash is ext3 but what? Do I need to make a new initrd.img?

Many thanks
Geoff Dolman <geoff dolman cimr cam ac uk>

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