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Re: [linux-lvm] lvm2 and xfs (repost)

Quoting Rainer Krienke <krienke uni-koblenz de>:

> It seems this message I posted some days ago did not reach the list. So
> I 
> repost ist one more time. Sorry if anyone should receive it twice.
> Hello,
> since I have trouble with lvm1 in a linux san environment with a
> multipath  
> configuration I wanted to give  lvm2 a try. So I downloaded a plain
> 2.4.20 
> kernel and patched the devicemapper (latest stable version) and then I
> wanted 
> to apply xfs patches since I want to use xfs. It seems that the
> devicemapper 
> and xfs are not yet compatible. No matter which patch I appply first I
> have 
> one file (/linux/fs/buffer.c) where either of the patches will fail if
> the 
> other one has already been applied. 
> Is there anyone running lvm2 with xfs? If yes what configuration do you
> use? 
> What kernel should I use to get both  working (in a stable fashion)? 
> Any comments?

why not go for a recent -ac kernel and skip patching :)
( in -ac are included both xfs and dm )

and someone posted a dm-patch against xfs kernel on the list

i'm using lvm1 & xfs ( and i really wanted to check lvm2) but because 
xfs, devmaper & soft raid do not work all together i'm staing with lvm1 :(



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