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Re: [linux-lvm] help on PV

You will lose all the data on your 80G hard drive. This is because an LVM drive pushes the filesystem back further on the drive to make space for the PV, VG, and LV metadata.

You could move 40G of data to the new drive. Reduce the size of the filesystem on your 80G by 40G. Repartition the drive to 2 40G partitions. make the second partition a LVM partition. Move the remaining data from the first 40G onto the second and make the first partion an LVM partition.
LVM will see all these partitions and drives as one so the number of partitions won't matter.

Actually, if you have almost 80G or more now, you'll have to partition the 80G hard drive into 3 partitions instead of 2, but the procedure is similar.

narsimha kulkarni bt com wrote:


I had a 8GB disk on which the / was configured.

Then I added another 40GB disk which I configured under LVM.

Now I want to add the 8GB also as a logical disk to the volume group in
which the 40GB.

If I do a pvcreate on the 8GB, will I lose all the data on / or just
pvcreate and extend it.


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