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Re: [linux-lvm] LVM and transferring filesystem

>  I am installing a redhat 7.3 linux box with X-Window.
>  I have installed LVM splitting the system with the following scheme:
>  /boot and / are installed each in different non-LVM partitions.

Smart move.

>  LVM volumes:
>  /usr , /var/ , /tmp
>  I have noticed that when I mount the filesystem using the LVM volumes
> my X-Windows server doesnt work, but when I deactivate the LVM volumes
> using the original configuration stored in the original / partition
> (which still have the original /var, /tmp, /usr partitions) then
> X-Window works perfectly.
>  Then I assume that I havent transferred the filesystem well.
>  I use from / the following command from the LVM howtos:
>  tar cplf - -C var .|tar xvlf - -C /mnt/var
>  and the same thing for the rest of partitions.
>  Any suggestion?

Permissions on /tmp ?

Should be 1777 (drwxrwxrwt).

To copy filesystems, I use:

  rsync -avxSHW --delete /var/ /mnt/var

This has the added benefit that you can copy most data over whilst the system is up and running.

Then you can take it down to single user, do the rsync again, and only the changed data will need to be copied.

This minimises the time the system is in single user (which is good if you are working on a server).

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