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re[2]: [linux-lvm] Max storage size per system

 >>  2 rotating parity disks ? Can you elaborate on how that works ?
 >>  I have thought about using something else than raid5, where you would
 >>  split the data across a number of disks, AND use a mirrored device for
 >>  storing the parity on.

I don't think it is the same as the above, but on Compaq ProLiants, they have Advanced Data Guard.


With it you define the number of data drives(D) you want, and the number of parity drives(P).

Obviously you need D + P drives, but no data is lost until you loose P+1 drives.

The negative is even worse performance than RAID 5, but it does make for greater reliability.

BTW: HP's (Compaq's) "low-end" FC array (MSA 1000) also support Advanced Data Guard.  IIRC their mid-tier and high-end lines don't. 


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