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[linux-lvm] Core questions from a LVM neophyte...

Greetings all,

	I have built a very cool NAS box, and want to use LVM2 on it. My machine is as follows:

Tyan Thunder i7500 w/ 2-2.4GHz XEON processors.
3ware Escalade 7500-12 IDE RAID controller
12-160GB Maxtor IDE HDs
System on a separate 20GB Maxtor HD
Floppy, slimline CDROM, and a DVDRW drive.
All in a 12-bay chassis from http://www.rackmountpro.com/productpage.cfm?prodid=1460

This config gives me 1.8TB of RAID 5 for under $8K - not too shabby.

The box is up and running Debian. I compiled 2.4.19, adding in the device-mapper patch, and the latest xfs patch.

My questions are as follows:

In the kernel config, in the RAID section I checked the LVM option to be in the kernel. Is this correct? It seems that I'm getting LVM version 1. Do/should I select this if I've patched the kernel?

I try 'pvcreate /dev/sda' and get an error saying the device is not found. However, 'fdisk /dev/sda' shows the device exists.

Should I use pvcreate directly on the raw RAID 5 device, or partition it first?

My plan was to use LVM2 to create several logical volumes on a single RAID 5 device that I could adjust for size over time and create a snapshot volume to extract backups from. Is this a good idea? I mean is this a good use of LVM2, or not?

Sorry if these questions are really basic, and thanks to all of you for any assistance you can throw my way.


Christopher Barry
Manager of Information Systems
InfiniCon Systems

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