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RE: [linux-lvm] Core questions from a LVM neophyte...

Thanks for the quick reply. It seems that my patching was incorrect. I did not get the device-mapper option in menuconfig. Not sure if you are aware of Debian's make-kpkg program, but here is the command I used to construct my (apparently not very well) patched kernel:

make-kpkg --added_patches=xfs,device-mapper --config=menuconfig kernel_image modules

If anyone sees an error in this please let me know. If I was to bypass the make-kpkg method of adding patches, what would be the command to apply the patches directly?

PS I do not have an /etc/lvm/config. I do have /etc/lvm/lvm.conf - is that what you meant? It looks like the default is to allow all /dev/. I think I have a mispatched kernel - that's my guess.

Thanks again,

Christopher Barry
Manager of Information Systems
InfiniCon Systems

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On Mon, Mar 10, 2003 at 10:36:31AM -0500, Barry, Christopher wrote:
> In the kernel config, in the RAID section I checked the LVM option to
> be in the kernel. Is this correct? It seems that I'm getting LVM
> version 1. Do/should I select this if I've patched the kernel?

You should just check the 'device-mapper' option.

> I try 'pvcreate /dev/sda' and get an error saying the device is not found. However, 'fdisk /dev/sda' shows the device exists.

Check the device filters in /etc/lvm/config

> Should I use pvcreate directly on the raw RAID 5 device, or partition it first?

The raw device.

> My plan was to use LVM2 to create several logical volumes on a
> single RAID 5 device that I could adjust for size over time and create
> a snapshot volume to extract backups from. Is this a good idea? I mean
> is this a good use of LVM2, or not?

Sounds fine.

- Joe

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