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[linux-lvm] creating patches problem

Hi all,
	I guess I'm just not getting it. 

	I downloaded device-mapper-latest, which turns out to be 0.96.07. I extract it into /usr/src/. From the LVM-HowTo, it says to run ./configure from the extracted root, and then enter the patches directory and run make. 

(I did this because the LVM2.1.95.15 directory did not have a patches directory) 

	The LVM HowTo seems a bit out of date. 
After ./configure, there is no Makefile in patches, so this does not work. I also downloaded LVM2.0-latest, which in this case is I ran ./configure in that root as well, thinking it might build a patches directory. nada.

Basically, I'm having a hell of time creating the device-mapper patches for the 2.4.20 kernel. I read the INSTALL file, I've attempted to run 'make patches' in it's kernel subdir out of desperation, but this fails with:

if [ ! -e /usr/src/linux-2.4.20.tar ] ; then \
    echo "Can't find kernel source tarball /usr/src/linux-2.4.20.tar" ; \
    exit 1; \
if [ ! -e /tmp/kerndiff ] ; then mkdir /tmp/kerndiff; fi
if [ ! -d /tmp/kerndiff ] ; then \
    echo "Working directory /tmp/kerndiff missing" ; \
    exit 1; \
( \
    cd /tmp/kerndiff; \
    tar xf /usr/src/linux-2.4.20.tar ; \
    cp -al linux linux-2.4.20 ; \
cp: cannot stat `linux': No such file or directory
make: *** [patches] Error 1

The symlinks get created in the 2.4.20 source tree, but a make menuconfig does not show the device-mapper option in the RAID / LVM section.

What am I doing wrong? I suppose I've hosed the whole damn thing at this point, and should re-extract all relevant source trees. Please advise and or point me to some docs if you can.

Thank You,

Christopher Barry

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