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RE: [linux-lvm] Core questions from a LVM neophyte...

> OK, so I RTFM'd and have the LVM2 patch created against the
> vanilla kernel.org 2.4.20. Sorry for asking such a dumb question.
> Also, just got the latest xfs patch from sgi too, and am awaiting
> your instructions on what to change before applying either.
> read the LVM HOW-TO at http://tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO/

Here's the patch for the devmapper patch. Navigate to whatever directory
contains "linux-2.4.19-devmapper-ioctl.patch" on your system (likely
/usr/src/kernel-patches/all/device-mapper). Uudecode and unzip the patch
attached (inline) - you will then want to patch your devmapper patch file by

"patch -p0 < linux-2.4.19-devmapper-ioctl-patch.patch"

Make a copy of your linux-2.4.19-devmapper-ioctl.patch first so you can do a
before and after diff - the net result should be the deletion of several
lines following "BH_Inode" and the changing of a few line count numbers
above to compensate.

Now both devmapper and the XFS patches will apply cleanly. Do the XFS
patches first.

begin 644 linux-2.4.19-devmapper-ioctl-patch.patch.bz2
M0EIH.3%!629366D)1^4``&M? `(P0'__^'1US(J_]]_ 0`(57-E;:"40@)M)
MD]E";4PU#T!#"80Q#&DQ72Q:-8G 7O!HA4W1"R_*W)WQB1?91$8E6'?-^G!L
M.BMU;%\]:7)5/9SW8 28V R[13%G0<HHFA4I"QB"ZH<-K[%TX^T\PE3("S.%
MX-C@&E&!P]S 4%G",N!E*6&U,"JUXXB&!]KVBI 8#IK00/$)J2,?(VZBT*+-
BB!*^R,W TAK?"3528P1:E2R19889,O^+N2*<*$ TA*/R ```

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