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re[2]: [linux-lvm] Core questions from a LVM neophyte...

 >>  Question 1:  Is it possible today to:

 >>  Have a large IDE RAID5 array that is virtualized through LVM and then
 >>  exported to a Dynamic Disk on Win2K over a LAN (not necessarily WAN)?

 >>  I believe iSCSI and HyperSCSI would both work... However I have not
 >>  found the approporiate interoperable software drivers.

I tried them also.  No luck yet.  Let us know if you get it working.

 >>  Question 2: The system that is described above is a linux system with
 >>  direct attached storage.  It is a SPOF.  Any inexpensive solutions that
 >>  would allow the Linux portion to be clustered for active/pasive
 >>  failover?  Is FC the only alternative here?

Several choices.  Ask on Linux-HA (heartbeat).  (Or search their archives.)

This still does not get you a "local" Win2k drive.  Exchange and ms-SQL only install onto local drives.

 >>  TIA,

 >>  - Steve

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