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Re: [linux-lvm] Long-term snapshots possible?

On Tue, Mar 11, 2003 at 10:28:38PM +0700, Jason Smith wrote:
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> Hi.  Like many others, I'm interested in using LVM2 as a componet for a 
> Linux-based file server.

i only have experience with the first lvm implementation, not with lvm2.

> When needed, I had hoped to sacrifice disk space for long-term filesystem 
> snapshots, by creating multiple snapshots and rotating them out on 
> perhaps a weekly basis.  The intent is to emulate the convenience and 
> power of similar snapshot features in commercial file servers.

i used to do 4. Every hour, every 8 hour, every day, and every week.
I gave up because it was too unstable. But since that there has been
found a few bugs in lvm1 snapshots.

> My problem is, this does not currently look possible without a severe 
> performance hit.  If a volume has, for example, five active snapshots, 
> then the deltas seem to get written five times, once per snapshot volume.

How would you not do that ? You have to store the snapshots some how.

> Alternatively, I could use meta-snapshots, but they are not currently 
> implemented, and that idea sounds klugy.

meta snapshots ?

> So then do the LVM developers and users recommend against multiple 
> concurrent snapshots of a volume?  Should I keep hope for this great 
> feature, only found in commercial file servers?

well, if you need it you can either implement it yourself, or possibly
find someone who can do it for you.

> Thanks for any input.

Until this get made you can simulate this, though with the exception
that it will take a little time, and use linear to the number of snapshots
extra space.
You take a snapshot. Then you create another LV, mkfs it, and rsync the data
from the snapshot to the new LV. When that is done you have a "snapshot"
that doesnt take cpu time and performance, just space.


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