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RE: re[2]: [linux-lvm] Core questions from a LVM neophyte...

>>  Question 1:  Is it possible today to:
>>  Have a large IDE RAID5 array that is virtualized through 
>>  LVM and then exported to a Dynamic Disk on Win2K over a
>>  LAN (not necessarily WAN)?
>>  I believe iSCSI and HyperSCSI would both work... However 
>>  I have not found the approporiate interoperable software
>> drivers.
> I tried them also.  No luck yet.  Let us know if you get it working.

What was your setup and how did it fail?  No connection?  Such bad
performance that it didn't work?

>>  Question 2: The system that is described above is a 
>> linux system with direct attached storage.  It is a SPOF.
>> Any inexpensive solutions that would allow the Linux
>> portion to be clustered for active/pasive failover?  Is
>> FC the only alternative here?
> Several choices.  Ask on Linux-HA (heartbeat).  (Or search 
> their archives.)

I went that route awhile ago and did manage to get some HA clusters
going.  However, the problem is that most solutions require some type of
hardware based shared SCSI device or some type of FC fabric to actually
provide the connectivity.  With the newer (read cheaper) ATA RAID
systems, I am not sure how to "share" the physical storage between
multiple systems in a cluster.  This is not necessarily a clustering

> This still does not get you a "local" Win2k drive.  Exchange 
> and ms-SQL only install onto local drives.

Yep... As well as other software we use. :(

I'd appreciate hearing about your test setup for the iSCSI/HyperSCSI.

Thanks in advance,

- Steve

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