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re[4]: [linux-lvm] Core questions from a LVM neophyte...

 >>  >>  Question 1:  Is it possible today to:
 >>  >>  Have a large IDE RAID5 array that is virtualized through 
 >>  >>  LVM and then exported to a Dynamic Disk on Win2K over a
 >>  >>  LAN (not necessarily WAN)?
 >>  >> 
 >>  >>  I believe iSCSI and HyperSCSI would both work... However 
 >>  >>  I have not found the approporiate interoperable software
 >>  >> drivers.
 >>  > 
 >>  > I tried them also.  No luck yet.  Let us know if you get it working.

 >>  What was your setup and how did it fail?  No connection?  Such bad
 >>  performance that it didn't work?

Nothing at all for Win2k HyperSCSI.

For iSCSI I tried the initiators I could find:  Cisco and IBM.

Both are specifically designed to work with their hardware targets and use older revs. of the spec.  (rel. 0.8 ??)

I was trying to use the Intel target.

As I recall, the IBM initiator did not connect at all.

The Cisco attempted, but failed in the parameter negotiation that takes place at the start of a iSCSI session.

Since iSCSI was just approved a few weeks ago, I'm hoping that Microsoft will come out with a Win2K driver shortly.

If they do, I expect that someone will come out with a Linux target that supports it.

BTW: Have you tried Window UNIX Services 3.0


I haven't, but I'm hopeful that it will create "local" drives somehow.  (I very much doubt it, but I'm hopeful).

BTW2: In a pure Windows environment, HPs Storage Replicator does exactly what you want, but it is pricey (IIRC $10K)


Greg Freemyer

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