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Re: [linux-lvm] Problems and questions with LVM on a large raid system.

>>>>> "Petro" == Petro  <petro auctionwatch com> writes:

    >> need to find a way to send an <alt-3> through > an ssh session
    >> to a telnet window.  may i suggest
    >> http://www.realweasel.com/intro.html It's a pci GFX<->serial
    >> card.  I dont have one, but i want 3. If you buy one... do tell
    >> us how it works.

    Petro>     That won't solve the problem.

    Petro>     See, my servers are 55 miles down the road. I ssh to a
    Petro> machine that connects to a private network, on which are a
    Petro> bunch of portmasters and APCs. I then telnet to the
    Petro> Portmaster ports, which hook to cua0.

    Petro>     It looks basically like I call he "smart hands" at the
    Petro> Colo and talk them through redoing the RAID volumes.

Um, sorry if I misunderstood, but using expect, either tcl or perl
versions, might solve this but then again it might not.


Adrian Phillips

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