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[linux-lvm] 2 Questions about Linux LVM


i have two questions concerning the linux lvm v1.x.x.

1. how log should (min and max) a volume group or logical volume name be.
2. Is it better to export and import a volume group between several systems,
   or is it enough to import a volume group once and activate it on the desired system for use
   while it has been deactivated on the others?

Here is a sort of graph, about what i mean:

before switch:
		SYS1				SYS2
activated	yes				no

after switch:
		SYS1				SYS2
activated	no				yes

Thanks for your help.

Kind regards

Dirk Laurenz
Systems Engineer	
Competence Center PRIMERGY Server Solutions
Fujitsu Siemens Computers
Hildesheimer Strasse 25
30880 Laatzen

Telephone:	+49 (511) 84 89 - 18 08
Telefax:	+49 (511) 84 89 - 28 99
Mobile:	+49 (170) 22 10 781
Email:	mailto:dirk laurenz fujitsu-siemens com
Internet:	http://www.fujitsu-siemens.com

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