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RE: [linux-lvm] Debian and LVM at the begin of the installation prozess

>Quoting Stefan Feeser <stefan feeser felino de>:
>> Hi all,


>> I am a beginner with LVM and Debian. I would like to install debian 
>> and "put" the hole disks in the LVM. At my system I would like to 
>> stripe-mirror (RAID
>> 10) my two disks (IDE). Because the hardware is not the newest one I
>> have to 
>> do the installation with bootdisks.
>> My question is how I can create a volume group and so on during the
>> installation prozess.
>> I have tested this but Debian always present his installation tool. I
>> downloaded debian installation disks and the device drivers 
>but I always
>> see 
>> the installation tool. After that the next steps will be to 
>> language, etc., and, after that I have to create a swap partition and
>> than an 
>> root partition. A LVM filesystem I can't create.

Don't put / (root) on a logical Volume when using debian !

The kernels from debian package manager apt use the cramfs file system
for initrd.
When this is mounted during boot LVM can't write lvmtab on /etc because
The cramfs is a read-only filesystem.

Only when you rebuild the kernel, and don't use the kernels in the
manager you can make sure the initrd supports ext2 during boot.

>> Sorry about my, I am sure, stupid questions and my bad english.
>> Thanks and regards
>> Stefan

Good luck Jan

With regards Jan H. van Gils
Internet web-page http://www.Knoware.NL/users/janvg/
Internet e-mail address JanVG Knoware NL

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