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Re: [linux-lvm] Debian and LVM at the begin of the installation prozess

Am Sonntag, 16. März 2003 10:19 schrieb Jan H. van Gils:
> >Quoting Stefan Feeser <stefan feeser felino de>:
> >> Hi all,
> 	Hi,


thanks for your help! It seems that I haven' t understood something! I thougt 
that LVM is a kernel builtin, so that I can create logical volumes from the 
begin (my idea is to load a kernel, for example the 2.4 Linuxkernel from 
Debian Bootdisks (Today I haven' t found a Bootdiskversion with which I have 
the possibility to work with LVM after loading the kernel) in the RAM, and 
after that I create locial volumes and so on). Is this possible and if it is, 
please could you tell me how?

My main problem is that I don't want to create some "normal" partitions (If 
root should be an normal one is that ok). I have had a one week seminar with 
the Veritas LVM and I think that it is possible to load the LVM Module after 
loading the, for example Solaris, kernel and start to create my locial 

So with Linux, I want do the same. Start a kernel, install the LVM-Modules 
(could you explain how I can do this manually?) and than I go forwards with 
logical partions, etc.

> >> Thanks and regards
> >>
> >> Stefan
> Good luck Jan

A "servus" from bavarian to all;-))


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